Saturday, March 08, 2008

Board Game Blog World Roundup

Welcome to another board and card game feed round up. These posts list every known blog, podcast, or videocast in the blogosphere with the following criteria:
  • Contains primarily posts of interest to general readership about board games, card games, or a similar topic such as alternate reality games or general game design. If the blog covers primarily a single-game such as Chess or Go, CCGs, RPGs, wargames, or minis, it must at least occasionally cover other board and card games as well.
  • Not entirely a commercial site, i.e. has posts of general interest and not only a running list of what's in stock. Not a spam site.
  • Posts occasionally. Activity (about games) within the last three months OR a note posted as to when the site expects to return.
  • Has an RSS feed.
Feeds are dropped from my list when they no longer meet one of these criteria. Some feed owners mysteriously move their feeds to a new location without bothering to tell their subscribers; shame on you. I sometimes catch them during one of these reviews.

The following sites are new to me since my last post:

Barnes' Blog - Underground Gamer's, a game club in Worthing, UK.

Behind-The-Scenes of a Board Games Website - Dan Khan, Auckland, New Zealand writing about his new site, Fast Moving Games. FMV is supposed to be some sort of social networking site for online board games and this blog is his teaser method of generating interest in the site. Dan owns NetProfess, a web design company.

Breaking the Magic - Tiago, Portugal. A Magic fan plays other games, too.

Fortress Ameritrash - The original blog was replaced by this website. Same crew.

gamesizing - Jason Kong, location unknown. On game publishing topics.

GameTime 24x7 - Jacob Cynamon, Chicago. About gaming and Chicago and both.

Purple Pawn - A news site dedicated to all things tabletop.

Stuff with Style - Someone from Durham, NC. On games and guitars.

Tabletop Gaming News - A team blog doing an excellent job covering all things war games.

The Boardgamer Weblog - Steve Archbold, Kingston-upon-Thames, UK.

My complete list of board and card game blogs and podcasts ONLY follows (some non-board game blogs, and some board game sites, appear on my sidebar but don't appear in this list). If your feed was dropped from my list in error, or you don't see your blog or podcast here, drop me a line.


Peer Sylvester said...

I suppose you only featuring english blogs?

Yehuda said...

You know, until now I have. But I'd be interested in a definitive list of active blogs in other languages that fit my criteria. Only it's hard for me to keep the list updated.


Peer said...

In this case: My own blog on is active.
I know some other German blos, but most of them are update very unregulary...

LM said...

Great list! I updated my feed reader with some nice links.

In addition to your list I'd like to suggest four Dutch / Belgian boardgame blogs:


Dave The Game said...

Any reason why Critical-Hits dropped off?

Yehuda said...

Dave, several months of only RPG material. But I re-added it.


Tiago said...

Thanks for adding my site's feed to the list.


Those lists most be pretty hard to maintain I admire your patience.

Dan Khan said...

Wow great resource - amazing what you find trawling through your Google Analytics stats!

Some real interesting sites that I haven't seen before especially Purple Pawn and I love the lists of gateway games and more bizarre collections (such as board game patents).


P.S. Thanks for listing my site at