Saturday, March 29, 2008

Weekend Gaming

I got a call on Thursday afternoon asking me if I could host two teenagers on a month trip to Israel who need a place for shabbat. Sure, I said. I was supposed to give them a shabbat experience.

Gave me an opportunity to turn them on to games. Which is my kind of shabbat experience.

They had a pack of cards with them, so I knew they were casual gamers at least. They played the typical cards games: President, Rat-Screw, Crazy Eights, etc...

My first move was Blokus. Before shabbat, I introduced this to one of them while the other was resting. I was impressed with his play; he was both serious and casual, which made for a nice game experience. I won fairly handily, but we both enjoyed the game.

The next day I found them playing Crazy Eights when I got back from shul. While we waited for my other lunch guests, I introduced them to The Settlers of Catan. Big hit.

One of them was a natural. The other spent too much time buying developments cards. I won fairly handily, 10 to 7 to 5 (5 only due to Largest Army).

While we were playing, Nadine had arrived and started some of our other waiting guests on R-Eco, a very good light card game. They finished a game when my last guests finally arrived.

After lunch, I joined R-Eco for a second round, and then a third round. The other player besides Nadine was a friend who is not normally a game player and probably wouldn't survive a more complicated game, but really enjoyed this type of light game. She and I each won one game.

The three of us then played It's Alive twice, basic and advanced versions, and she won both games.

I then went to sleep while the teenagers went for a walk. When they came back they asked to play Settlers again because they loved it. I won again in a tighter game. The natural said he was going to pick up a copy when he got home. Yay! One more convert.

Oh, yeah. They, uh, also had a nice shabbat experience.

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