Tuesday, March 04, 2008

February Board and Card Game Patents

Another month of silly patents in the board and card game industry. For previous months, see my sidebar.

Combined chess game carrier and playing surface - A design patent for a chessboard that also stores chess pieces in bubbles on the surface adjacent to the board.

Method for playing wagering games - A casino game played with domino tiles. You try to arrange three dominoes to get a high "hand" above the line and a low one below.

Rock cycle card game - A deck of cards with an educational rock-based theme. The game is something like UNO.

Sporting event prediction and skill game - Any game where you bet on events that may occur in a sports game you are watching.

Method for playing a poker game with many players - How do you play Texas Hold'Em with lost of people and ensure that each player has a different card combination? By pre-printing scratch-off cards (like lottery cards) with two playing card faces on each.

Poker game with required dealer discard - Dealer is dealt an additional card, which he must discard if it falls within a certain range; otherwise the extra card is discarded.

Game and method of playing the game - Not a very helpfully named patent. It's a word scramble and anagram game.

System and method for playing a table and electronic card game - Amazingly enough, an even less helpfully named patent. The dealer is dealt a card, players are dealt five cards. Each one is flipped up, one at a time, with the player winning or losing based on its comparison to the dealer's card. I think.

Poker game with dealer disqualifying hand - Bet on the hand and also bet on certain hands appearing, and the dealer discards if his hand is shown to be too good.

Blackjack game with discard option - You can toss out your initial card and draw a new one by paying something less than your bet.

Casino craps card game - I'm sure tired of gambling games. This one is weird:
A method for playing a game played by at least one player having both numbered playing cards and a pair of dice. The method for the game includes randomizing at least six of the playing cards, wherein each card contains a single digit from one to six. The playing cards are then inserted into a series of boxes or slots on a table wherein the boxes or slots correspond to the digits one through six. One player is offered an opportunity to be a dealer and is provided with a pair of six-sided dice. The dice are rolled by the dealer and the outcome of the playing card or cards is determined and the total of the cards is determined by the outcome of the dice. Winners and losers are determined from the card or the cards.
Method of playing a bonus wager - Bet on a "bonus hand" made from taking one card each from different players' hands.

Music theory games and methods of playing music theory games - A music trivia game.

Soccer strategy board game - A soccer game where the pieces are moved by magnets.

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