Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Clean Out That Games Closet

Many of you have dozens, or hundreds, of games that you're not going to play. You played them once or twice, but will never play them again. You never played them at all. Or you don't have with whom to play.

It's time for spring cleaning. Take this opportunity to get rid of those unneeded games. Get rid of them, I say!

You'll feel better when you do. Don't give me those excuses about being a "collector" or keeping them for "nostalgia". Hogwash. You're just "a geek" and you're "lazy". Someone else is going to have to pick up after you, as usual, and you'll feel guilty about it when they do.

If, by some chance, you ever really need to play one of those hundreds of games you going to give away, you can always find another copy. Frankly, you should stop playing so many different games and start getting better at the ones you play, anyway.
  • Donate games to hospitals, shelters, and other places where people are bored, poor, or lonely.
  • Give them to your local church or youth center. While you're at it, volunteer to teach them how to play.
  • Give them to your local game group and let that guy or gal take care of them. If you're the local game group, find some other game group that wants them.
  • Swap them for games you may really want to play through Board Game Geek. Or, swap them for geek gold, and then trade your geek gold for what you want later.
  • Sell them for cash on eBay. You could earn enough for a nice dinner out. Some of you could probably earn enough for a nice dinner and still buy a boat.
If you have incomplete games, acquire the missing parts, trade your incomplete parts to someone who needs them, or trash the game.

While you're sorting through your games, take this opportunity to fix broken game boxes, throw away old score sheets, sort your game pieces back into the right boxes, and ensure that all your games are organized, dry, and clean.

And remember: you don't need to buy every game before you play it. You can play many of them online, or by a friend who has a copy.

So. How many games do you have collecting dust in your closet? Fess up!


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