Monday, March 03, 2008

Games Picked Up This Visit

Three boxes of Magic commons.

Before the Wind which I enjoyed at BGG.con, or would have if we had played it correctly.

Race For The Galaxy. I read the rules when I got this and my jaw dropped over how much of the game matches San Juan's mechanics. I see from the credits that it was designed to be the Puerto Rico card game originally, but San Juan ended up being it instead? I have to find out the history here. Anyone have a relevant link?

I'm flying back to Israel tomorrow.



Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

This is Tom's designer preview on BGN.

Bet Shemesh Board Gaming Club said...

It's explained and linked right off the BGG page.

Mikko said...

There's probably a better source somewhere, but here's something:

But basically, Tom Lehmann and Richard Borg designed one version of Puerto Rico card game, but Alea had Andreas Seyfarth do San Juan instead. However, San Juan uses bunch of mechanics by Lehmann and Borg, thus the credits and the similarities.

RftG is essentially San Juan++. It also features shipping, which is absent from San Juan (and apparently was included in Lehmann's idea of PR card game).

Yehuda said...

Thanks guys.


Greg W said...

I heard a rumor that Race for the Galaxy is spaced themed because Peurto Rico was originally conceived as a space themed game. No idea if there's any truth to it.