Sunday, April 06, 2008

Linkety Link

I didn't play any games this shabbat. But I'm still trying to recover from a dinner with myself, one 15 year old boy, and nine - count'em - nine teenage girls. Shudder.

Most of my link items go on to Purple Pawn nowadays, but I have a few for Yehuda:

Israel Gaming Conventions

Over the Passover holiday season, a number of gaming related conventions occur.

My own club, the Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club, will be holding a Games Day on Hol Hamoed Passover, as it always does. This year it will be Wednesday, April 23. Gaming is at my house. Call me at 0545-987034 for details.

Bigor is an annual roleplaying con in Tel Aviv. This year it is from Tuesday to Thursday, April 22-24. Olamot is a fantasy themed con, also in the Tel Aviv area, running from Monday to Wednesday, April 21-23. Both will have fantasy related gaming, including CCG and some board and card gaming.

A reader writes to tell me about GameIS2008, a full day event about interactive entertainment (aka video games) in Hertzelia.

Amazon Deals

A few deals I saw on ...

Hansa Board Game - $16

Hunting Party - $10

Quo Vadis Game - $16.50

The Bridges of Shangri-La - $19

Maya - $21.30

Reiner Knizia Hollywood Blockbuster - $20

SET Game - $7


Another reader wants me to link to his new MMO turn based strategy game, Astrategic.


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The Israel Go Association is also having a tournament in Modiin from the 21-22nd. Details at