Sunday, April 13, 2008

Planned Outages

This week and next will be sporadic posting.

Today I am finishing my Passover cleaning. Tomorrow and Tuesday I will be on vacation with my kids. Wednesday Rachel returns, finally, along with Eitan and the dog; the latter of which hopefully won't get lost in the airport, again.

Thursday and Friday are the run up to Passover preparations, Saturday is shabbat and Sunday is the first day of Passover (seder on Saturday night). Outside of Israel, Monday is also a non-work day, but in Israel I should be online Sunday evening.

That Monday I'll be hiking with my synagogue somewhere. The Wednesday after is Games Day here.

This last shabbat (yesterday) I didn't play anything, even though I had two opportunities.

On Friday evening I needed to go to sleep early, so I left Nadine's house as she started setting up It's Alive for her other guests. On Saturday afternoon, I still needed to sleep, so I didn't make it over to her house to play 1960.

C'est la vie.


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