Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Wining the Web's Overly Long Giveaway Contest Almost Over

Winning the web is running a giveaway contest, about which I already blogged once. In order to get more entries in the giveaway you have to jump through hoops: blog about it, sign up for services you don't need, write comments on other people's blogs, and so on.

I'm down with a contest that goes on for a week or so, but this one has been going on for three weeks, and every day is another loony task you have to do to get more entries. After a certain point, it begins to feel like it's dragging on.

Still, when you're giving away over $15,000 in services and prizes (less than half of that is actually useful stuff, but it's still a lot), you get to call the shots. Today's announcement is that someone just donated a $56,000 2008 Hummer H2 to the giveaway, which would be worth jumping through a few hoops for (except that it's April 1).


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