Saturday, April 26, 2008

Passover Gaming

Aside from the game groups mentioned last week, I played a two-player game of Puerto Rico with Rachel, a three-player game of Puerto Rico with Rachel and Nadine, and a game of It's Alive with Tal.

I won the two-player Puerto Rico game against Rachel by around ten points. She has been beating me around 6 games out of 10; but on turn three I already saw myself falling into the same kind of pattern that usually loses the game. Namely, not enough production. So I declined a quarry on turn three and instead went for another plantation. I think it helped.

In the three-player Puerto Rico game, I lost 45 to Rachel's 56 and Nadine's 57. Both Nadine and Rachel made some early moves which killed my early trading potential. I ended up with a coffee monopoly, but only in the late mid-game. Enough to buy an extra building or block a boat, but not both. I opted for the boat.

Nadine meanwhile had tobacco both on the boat and trading house, and a working Factory as well. Rachel had great shipping, just shy of the difference with Nadine's second building.

In my game of It's Alive with Tal, I lost big time, too. I think I had 5 tiles when she completed hers. I couldn't tell you what I did wrong. We both had roughly the same number of Villager attacks. And I think I got more of the coffins. The timing was just bad for me.

Passover is now over (one more day for those of you outside of Israel), and our kitchen is nearly back to normal (I'm being truant by writing about it instead of helping finish the last work in the kitchen).

Game night can't happen on Wed night this week as it's Yom Hashoah, or remembrance day for the Holocaust, so I'll have to move it up to Tuesday.

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