Thursday, April 03, 2008

What I Got For My Birthday

The following computers wished me a happy birthday:, (twice, for some reason),,,,, and (offering a free bottle of wine with my dinner purchase).

I'm rather surprised that so few computers love me enough to wish me a happy birthday. Must be because I tend to leave out as much information as possible whenever possible, and lie about it the rest of the time. But still; I must be registered at nearly a thousand online services by now. What's the deal, circuits-for-brains?

And, if you're going to send me an automatic reminder that you're tracking my private information, send me an automatic birthday offer, too.

In other birthday news, my American bank called to tell me that my credit card was compromised again. This follows it having been compromised last December. My Israeli card was also compromised in December.

I use the credit card online, but so do other people. I think there has to be a key logger on my computer. If so, it would be my first ever infection. I've got firewalls, anti-virus, and anti-spyware running, and I'm usually pretty careful. On the other hand, my kids use the computer and who knows on what "OK" buttons they've been clicking.

Time to wipe the computer and start with a new security plan.



Jacob Cynamon said...

First off, happy birthday, Yehuda! If my timing is right, I'm still just under the wire with this post and our time differences.

Secondly, regarding the credit card issues, have you tried using virtual numbers? Most of my companies will generate "disposable" credit card numbers that you can use for one-time online purchases and I've found that they are easy and give me peace of mind shopping online.

Yehuda said...

Thanks, Jacob.

I'll have to consider trying the one-time cc numbers.