Friday, April 18, 2008

Passover Cometh

Ready for Passover

Passover is Saturday night/Sunday, so I will be out of communication until at least Sunday night. If I were living in the US, it would be until at least Monday night.

The house is all cleaned of hametz, and spring cleaned as well. The cooking will be finished today. The guests are invited and all bringing stuff.

My kids are with me this Passover, and Ariella, my step-daughter, is also with us, unexpectedly allowed to leave her officer training program in the army for the weekend.

Games and divrei torah are prepared. Let's have a seder.

Game Plans

Rachel being back means that Nadine and Rachel and I can resume our weekly Puerto Rico games. And whenever Tal is around, we play It's Alive or card games a lot.

I have a number of posting ideas, but they all require more research than I'm willing to expend after all my Passover preparations. So I'll just say: have a good seder (if you have one), and I'll see you on the other side.


P.S. Some movies I've seen recently that I recommend: 10 Items or Less (quirky and entertaining), Atonement (lovely), August Rush (if you can suspend disbelief, in the mood for the mythic, and are very sentimental), The Bourne Ultimatum, Closer (unbelievably good), Donnie Darko (weird), House of Flying Daggers (like CT,HD), The Jane Austen Book Club (lovely), Once (if you're patient and realize that it's a musical, it's brilliant).

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