Wednesday, June 11, 2008

10 Spoof Board Game Commercials

To make a spoof commercial about a fake board game, all you need is a basic idea and a little artwork; the jokes and bad acting write themselves.

Mush Mouth - Stupid game ideas like this actually exist in the recycling bins of game publishers.

Number Scrabble - Demonstrating that obvious adaptation ideas don't always work. Letter card games that play like rummy are no better.

Smack the Lion - Those wacky Japanese.

Grand Theft Auto: The Board Game - Applying real world violence to a board game is a little too obvious.

Communist Monopoly - These guys had a similar idea a decade earlier than GTA, and it still seems fairly old.

NAMBLA - This one is probably offensive to most people, as is the organization.

25 Years to Life


Chess For Girls - One of several board game commercials done by Saturday Night Live. Actually makes a decent point.

Ball Buster - This was a real game, believe it or not. I don't think the commercial is a spoof.


To make up for the previous entry which was a real game, you can view Blackout. It's a little too racy for my blog.

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