Thursday, June 19, 2008

Idea: Video Game Site That's a Video Game

Wouldn't it be cool if a general site about video games, like Joystiq or 1UP, was a video game in its own right? In other words, the graphical elements on the site, text elements, etc, in addition to providing you with the contents and navigation as you would expect, were also pieces of a puzzle game, such as Myst, or a casual game, or an adventure game.

Any sites like that, yet? If anyone want to develop it (out of my programming league) I've got a few dozen dozen ideas on how to do it. Free for the taking.



Marc Majcher said...

Yes! I've got the nerd-fu, but I'm super busy at least through October, so implementation would be a long time coming. If nobody else jumps on it, maybe we can sit down at BGG.Con this year or something and knock heads over it.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Marc, I have no plans to attend BGG.con unless I have my flight costs covered, somehow. Anyone have $1000 to spare?