Sunday, June 01, 2008

Board Game Blog World Roundup

This is a roundup of new board and card game related blogs that have come to my attention since my last roundup. To qualify, the blogs must have an RSS feed, cover board or card games with posts of general interest to readers, and not only post about their own product lines. They must also post with some frequency and within the last three months.

First off, I only now noticed that Pulp Gamer's podcasts are available as five separate podcasts on different themes.

Illuminating Games - Chris Farrell, Cupertino, CA. High-level analysis and reviews.

Kania's Hobbies and Beyond - Kania Adityaran, Indonesia. About cats and board games.

Other Wise - J.C. Lawrence, San Jose, CA. A gamer.

Over the Board Games - Paul, no further info. Obviously hoping to make Amazon cash, but some nice starting articles and a video review.

Savage Tales - Pete Miller, LA, CA. On games, and particularly Fight Klub, the Decipher CCG.

Talkin' About Board Games - Of the game store Best Dang Games, Deltona, FL. Articles of general interest.

The d6 Generation - A podcast by Craig Gallant and Russ Wakelin. Mostly on war games, but covers other styles as well.

Traditional Board Games of India - RG and Raghu of Ramsons Kala Pratishtana, Mysuru, which is some sort of research entity within an Indian gallery, I believe. Pretty and interesting.


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