Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Card Games From India

I was contacted out of the blue by a businessman from India who markets for a customized playing card company looking for my business address. He also wanted the addresses of some Israeli distributors I know.

Apparently, he wants to make a trip to Israel in order to show his wares/form contacts. Or so he said. When I agreed to meet him if he came, there ensued a large number of emails passed back and forth, with him in his broken English trying to get me to fax a letter to the Israeli consulate in India indicating that he will be meeting me in Israel at my address for business purposes on such and such a date.

Since he will be, I decided it was ok to fax such a letter. He also tried to get me to fax it to his business' fax (tried, but it didn't work), scan him the signed fax and send it to him via email (I don't have a scanner), and send it to him by post (I will tomorrow; the post office was closed by the time the fax was done).

I'm guessing that travel to Israel from India for an Indian is a rather complicated bureaucratic ordeal.


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