Sunday, June 22, 2008

Missionary Material in My Mailbox

Got the following missionary booklet in my mailbox this morning. They were stuck into and around all the mailboxes in my building, on my block, and probably in the entire city.

If you're so disposed, you can fill in the last page where it asks you if, having read the rest of the booklet, you are now willing to admin that you've sinned, accept Jesus etc.. etc..

If you're not so disposed, be sure to toss it out.

FYI, Missionary activity in Israel is legally tolerated unless it is aimed at children; tossing booklets such as these into and around mailboxes where they can be easily found by children seems to me to be an abuse of this tolerance.


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This Statement Is False said...

Call me a heretic, but I find this tactic disrespectful. Yes, as a Christian I am called on to "make disciples of all men," but to me, this means to teach people who genuinely want to be serious learners (I think Hebrew word is talmidim), not try to bulldoze Jesus into peoples' heads.

I spent quite a while as a serious pagan (following Jane Roberts, Aleister Crowley, and others) and I remember how lazy and kind of silly I thought this sort of shotgun approach was.

Now, I'm not trying to wag my finger at whomever did this, but I can't help thinking that this hurts the cause of "bridge builders" like me who are trying to help heal just a little bit of the damage that Christians have done to the Jewish people over the past 2000 years.