Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy New Year

It's Rosh Hashana time, again. High and low holidays abound over the next few weeks, so who knows how often I'll get a chance to post, let alone think about topics that may interest you.

Let's all have a happy and healthy new year. This year, let's make peace with those with whom we've been meaning to make peace. This year, let's forgive those who don't deserve it, but against whom holding a grudge is doing more harm to us than to them. This year, let's start and finish at least one of those things we've been meaning to: a game, a story, a trip, a proposal, a business, a move, a routine.

This year make the world better. Start with yourself. Then your family. Then your block. Then your community. Then your country. Then your planet.

Bless you.


David Klein said...

You're a helio-centric bigot :-)

Anonymous said...

Shana Tovah

Anonymous said...