Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hungary Photos 2

More pictures, still in Budapest.

Statue and fountain in front of Budapest palace.

Statue in front of Buda palace.

Chess is big in Hungary. In the natural hot springs and pools, players lounge on the side playing on board lying on the edges. Many stores sell pretty wooden sets like these.

Or these.

Or these. Note the Russian influence.

A random street in old Buda.

A random store in old Buda.

A random cafe in old Buda.

A museum in old Buda.

Church in old Buda, currently under renovation.

A statue dedicated to the plague victims (I think the Black Death, but I'm not entirely sure).

Statue near previous church.

A falcon in hood and jesses on previous statue.

A falconer with another falcon. The falconers fly the birds for tourists on special occasions. On this day, they were charging people to take pictures with the birds.

Under a bridge nearby.

On the statue.

The fisherman's wharf, in honor of the fisherman who did something in some conflict in Budapest.

Me tired out after studiously learning all the intricate details I've been relating to you in my picture captions.

A statue of the church under renovations.

Another church nearby in old Buda.

The national archives. Nice roof and beautiful interior, but we were not allowed to take pictures inside or progress past the foyer.

Statue near the archives, and the exit at the back of old Buda.

Outside old Buda, on the exterior wall.

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Clay B. said...

These are great! Love the round towers on the one labeled "fisherman's wharf" (although I don't think that's a wharf).