Saturday, September 06, 2008


Got wi fi working at my apt complex in Budapest, but no telling if I'll get it working again at Balaton.

On Friday we walked around the central areas of Pest and Buda, met lots of friendly people, took hundreds of pictures, and did a lot of walking.

Prices are about the same as in Israel, or even a bit cheaper. The city reminds me of London, and Rachel says it reminds her even more of Vienna. I suspect that a lot of European cities are a parliament, statues, some galleries, some paved streets in the old sections, some different gargoyles, but in the end a) tourist attractions, b) modern businesses, c) dying cultural differences, d) some beautiful panoramas, and e) a river running through them.

And I will expand on that A LOT more when I have a chance, as well as on the Jewish areas, money, and so on of Budapest.

Love for now,

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