Thursday, September 11, 2008

small update

Time is of the essence at an internet cafe.

Hungary is a nice place to live, but you wouldn't really want to visit there. It's all nice, with nice people, good services, pleasant environment, and it all seems to work. Landscape is nice. Little pieces of history dot around. But, yawn. And in the tourist areas, they charge little amounts for so many things, like swimming, parking, Internet, and so on, that it adds up to annoying.

OK, that was my impresssions of Hungary and Budapest when I was bored at the end of the week. The truth is that, if you come expecting simpy a nice relaxing time, some pleasant diversions, and a beautiful capital city, Hungary is pretty nice. It's just not gorgeous, like Scotland or a Scandanvian country, and it's not highly distacting, like New York or Toronto. Except in July and August, when there are some events.

For the same amount of money, I would choose elsewhere to go. In contrast, I intend to return to Scotland asap.

Businesses must learn: Charge me $450 for a room with free Internet, and I don't care. Charge me $400 for a room and an extra $1 for Internet, and it annoys me. Always give me more than I expect, not less, or you won't see me again.



meowsqueak said...

Hungary in general, or Budapest?

Perhaps I'm naive but I imagine there's much more to Hungary than the capital city.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Hungary in general. It really dpeends on what you're looking for. Hungary isn't what I'm looking for, I guess.


Yehuda Berlinger said...

Scratch that. Balaton in general. Hungary might be nice, but we didn't see any other part of it.

Go to Balaton if you want to relax and do nothing.