Saturday, April 04, 2009

Blokus Kicks Ass

Only managed to get Blokus on the table on my birthday, but it reminded me how good a game it really is.

We played Blokus Trigon with four players; Blokus Classic is slightly better for four-player play. But classic Blokus is nearly unplayable with three, so I only kept Trigon in my collection. For two players, you can use any version, including Travel Blokus, the official two-player, portable version.

The other three players, including my wife, were new to the game. It takes seconds to teach, ten or twenty minutes to play, yet it's deep, fun, and endlessly replayable. Add to that the fact that's it's a gorgeous game, and doesn't cost very much. It deserves all the awards it's gotten over the last ten years.

In our first game, the two less gamer-like players both came in last. Rachel scored pretty well, and I went out entirely. They insisted on a second game, and wow, was it different. What felt like a cake-walk in the first game was now vicious and aggressive. I was cut off at every turn, as was everyone else. This time, I ended in last place and Rachel was second-to-last.

Definitely want to play it more.

Brief mention: last Friday night we played a game of PitchCar at Nadine's. I was doing pretty well until the last turn or so, and then I stalled out. Seems to be my lot in PitchCar.

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Mika L-a said...

Couldn't agree more. Blokus is the ideal 4-player game. Easy to teach, toughest of the touhg playing with four seasoned players. The best mileage.