Thursday, April 16, 2009

Passover Tiyul

Sunday Rachel, Tal, and I went on a tiyul with a few friends, and friends of friends. We went to Adulam, south of Beit Shemesh. It was a nice, short walk, and we luckily got there before the crowds. By the time we finished, at around 11:30, the place was jam packed and it was all we could do to squeak our car out of the parking lot and down the crowded dirt road leading up to it.

Rachel at the start of the hike. On the left is park information, in English, Arabic, and Hebrew.

Me. You can't see my red lock of hair. I got one lock of hair colored red for my 40th birthday (in honor of my midlife crisis).

Rachel on the hike.

Dry grasses already in April. The peak time for flowers is in late February and March, but there were still many flowers beneathe and around the grasses.

As well as thistles.

Just another thistle, but I could swear I've seen this energy bolt in some anime show.

Oh yes. We also brought our dog, Ginn. There's Tal getting along with her, for a change.

No pictures of the crawl through cave (it was darn cold and swarming with bees), but here's a large cave thingie pocketed with triangular shelves for doves? I think.

A closer look at the shelves.

I'm not very masculine, but I can still light a coal fire with a single match and no lighter fluid, something about which I take great manly pride.

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Ozvortex said...

I think you're right about the cave thingie. It appears to be a dovecot or dovecote.