Sunday, August 21, 2005

4000 A.D.

A cute pure strategy game in a purple box with green and orange little spaceships. The board consists of a 4 x 3 grid with 4 planets in each grid. 2 of these planets are "up", and 2 are "down". Some have "+" and some have "-", and some have both. For each matching "+" and "-" you control, you get more resources.

Your spaceships are loaded onto gray mother ships which go onto the hyperspace track. Each round you can load your mother ship onto the track, and you must move ships on the track one step. You can take a ship off and attack any planet that is exactly that distance away from your launch site, counting "up" and "down" as one step, otherwise horizontally or vertically on the grid.

Higher total wins. If you control your opponent's home base, you win.

It was a good game, with some interesting bluffing elements.

I think I still have the board and some of the ships.

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