Wednesday, August 03, 2005

More on The Life of Games

I sent a few questions to Kate Jones and Stephen Sniderman of The Life of Games, and Stephen replied.

[JSGC] Hi, Kate and Stephen. I just found The Life of Games after looking at the contributors section of The Games Journal. Nice stuff.

[TLoG] Thanks for the kind words.

[JSGC] Can you tell me what the history and future is for this site?

[TLoG] History: Kate was visiting me to look at a game, and we started discussing
the possibility of creating an online journal relating to games.

Future: It will continue until we can't do it any longer.

[JSGC] Why did you start? What is the idea behind the site, as opposed to other game sites?

[TLoG] For me, the site is a venue for my ideas about games. I was not aware of
anybody (online or elsewhere) who was discussing aspects of games that I
wanted to discuss.

[JSGC] Why so much delay between issues?

[TLoG] Kate has many projects that keep her extremely busy. She does TLOG when
she has a spare moment. Our "goal" is to put out an issue each year, but
things haven't worked out that way.

[JSGC] Are you soliciting articles?

[TLoG] Sure. We welcome articles from anyone who's interested in games.

[JSGC] Will there be any more issues?

[TLoG] That's the plan. The next one has been written and is currently being
edited. Kate could say better when it might go onto the site.


I'm looking forward to the next issue.


Since the JSGC has moved this week, I had to take games out of my apt in preparation for tonight. I hope I took the right ones. In the meantime, I am eagerly awaiting the return of my brother from the U.S., as he should be carrying over a few games for me.


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