Thursday, August 25, 2005

OK, So You're All Laughing at Me, Ha Ha

I thought that I was writing science fiction. Apparently, just barely.

I just noticed my coworker walking around with what looked for all the world like a NetMind ...

What the hell?

"Bluetooth," he says.

He shows me the phone in his pocket, although he says he could also leave it on his desk. Meanwhile, the rest of you probably already knew about this technology and were wondering why I thought this idea was so cool. Give me a break - I don't get to see the good stuff most of the time since it's not available in the places that I shop (i.e. supermarket, used clothes).

Slap some sub-vocalization on it, some IM software, some VoIP and vocal software, and there's your NetMind, give or take. Three years? Five? Two?

I got to play St Petersburg last night, as you would know if you read my session reports. It is one of my pure GeekGold acquires. I used to do these before this became popular on BGG. After the third trade, I came to the conclusion that approximately 10 GG = 1 USD. Now that GeekGold trades are in vogue, and without the benefit of my market pricing, I wonder what the consensus is. Weirdly enough, despite there being what seems to be a large supply of GG lying around, I think most people are getting better than my ratio. But I would like to hear from the masses. Send me your details and I will compile the results.

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