Monday, August 01, 2005

New Cooperative Blog

Brian, aka Coldfoot, aka &games, has organized a group of gamers and the creation of a new blog: Gone Gaming.

The new blog is kind of a grassroots answer to the high falutin' excellent work of Gamefest's blogs, which feature such luminaries as Greg Schloesser, Rick Thornquist, Tom Vasel, etc...

We are just gamers; but one of the things we all share in common is a love of gaming, the ability to write pretty well, and a history of having done so. With eight of us on board, the blog should be updated frequently (it is hoped, daily) and be worth reading. So check it out. It starts today.

I will usually be posting on Tuesdays, but this week I will post on Friday.

In my case, I already have a website where I post my group session reports, a blog where I post my gaming life and some gaming thoughts, and The Games Journal where I am posting my series on Gaming and Ethics. So I have to come up with something new for Gone Gaming.

I am in the middle of writing a story that revolves around some gamers. I also have some ideas about gaming and life which I can write up, although it is likely to be a bit pedantic and more about life than about gaming. I hope the muse hits me in time, before I have to post.

Anyhow, good job Coldfoot, and here's hoping that it becomes enjoyable, informative, and long-lived.


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