Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Must ... Keep ... Blogging

Now that I am in the middle of several longer pieces - more Gaming and Ethics articles and a story for Gone Gaming (no comments yet; nobody likes my story?) - this blog may suffer.


Must ... blog ...

Can't let ... other writing interfere ...

OK, so Monday evening, me and some people played some game for the first time. We weren't so impressed. Uh ... I won.

How's that?

OK, OK. The players were myself, Saarya and Tal. I don't want to say the name of the game; it hasn't been published, yet. When it is, I'll give full comments. The game looked kind of neat, but turned out to be trivial to play. Also, the rules had some problems, which left us with some questions - it could be that the answers to those questions may change something about the experience we had.

I wish that I had something better to report; more information for the people reading, and something more positive for the designer. Them's the breaks.

In the meantime I am winding down games on puertoricogames.net . I still like PR face to face, but I have kind of reached my peak online. Anyway, it is most fun to play with weird buildings. I'm waiting with baited breathe for the new expansion that is supposed to come out.

My game group has another week of wandering before I'm back in my apt. I am happy to say that we have been able to keep going this summer. At the start of the school year I will make a new push to see if we can grow bigger. The more the merrier.

Rachel comes back in less than two days. My father is getting a little stronger, although he will soon be starting chemo. And I still need $1000 to get to BGG.con . If you want to contribute to the "Send Yehuda to BGG.con" drive, I accept PayPal. I'll even make you a mockup of my game.


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