Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ethics in Gaming 3.0

My next Ethics in Gaming aritcle is out in this month's Games Journal.

It distresses me that, at least in the last few issues, half of the articles are written by Greg. Not that I mind Greg's writing: he's a fine writer. But where are all the rest of you contributors? All of you bloggers, all you strategy article writers - there's a whole lot of you out there. The next time you have something to write about that is both longer than a page and of general interest to gamers, consider passing it over to Greg.

I think TGJ is a well-respected magazine; certainly, it is one of the few places where I always know I will read a collection of high SNR articles with length and quality.

Is The Games Journal not necessary anymore? Have blogs killed it?


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Anonymous said...

Possibly part of the problem is that The Games Journal is such high quality.

I mean, I have no problem wacking a geeklist or a forum thread on BGG, or a blog entry (assuming I had a blog). Any idiot can do that. But a thoughtful, insightful, interesting, multi-page article on The Games Journal - too hard for me (ie I don't have that level of ability).

As long as Greg's writing continues at its current quality level, I say fantastic. Keep it coming. Certainly don't stop it.