Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Great Session Reports, with Pictures

Boardgame Cafe has been cranking out some impressive session reports. Pictures, detailed and interesting descriptions, and so on. Very impressive.

Also still putting out session reports with great pictures (really great pictures): Chris Brooks, Jim Ginn, and 'Peg City Gamers.

Gili, one of our game groupies, already brought over "shaloach manot" (food gift) for us this evening. I will see her again tomorrow evening at the game group.

Rachel is back home, and cooking is going on, as well as costumes, hearing the migillah, Purim play, kids going here and there. Dad in the hospital, planning tommorow's big meal, and so on.


1 comment:

gamesgrandpa said...

Sooooo ---- what are you doing in your spare time these days? :-)

Glad to hear your wife is home again; hope your father is doing well.