Sunday, March 05, 2006

Kadima on the Move

Political post:

One never knows if something said by the media has any truth. Even less can you trust anything said by a politician, let alone a politician on the eve of an election.

So the story linked to here may be just a fantasy. I hope so. The last evacuation brought Hamas to power (other reasons aside, the evacuation was clearly one of the main reasons - if the Arabs believed that violence was getting them nowhere, they might have been more reluctant to bring Hamas to power, despite the corruption of the PLO). So the new Kadima plan is to do more evacuations.

As a result of the last evacuation, my cousins were thrown out of their house and still have nowhere to live. One of the settlements listed for evacuation in the new plan is Tekoa, where I lived from 1992 until 1997.

There are a lot of nice people living there.

Many Israelis are having a very difficult time trying to figure out who to vote for. In the U.S., politicians are usually in the government for 8 or 12 years and then they're gone. Not in Israel. Here we have politicians in power for 40 years or more. Each vote is the same choice between the same people who are unqualified to solve our problems. If the government falls, we get to choose again between the same people. Nobody ever gets the message that we want new people to choose from.

We have no senate or house of representatives, just a majority rule in the Knesset. And that majority is ruled absolutely by the head of the party with majority power. There is no attempt to do what is best, only to do what they want how they want it. The same holds for left or right.

So the parties in the Knesset are almost irrelevant. Usually it is only who is prime minister that really counts.

Who is running?

Kadima:Ehud Olmert . This party is brand new and consists entirely of people who ran for posts in other parties, failed, and moved to the Kadima party because the polls seemed to show that they would have a better chance of getting into the Knesset. Wow. And this party is leading in the polls by a factor of 2 over any other party (38 seats or so, out of 120). It was founded by Ariel Sharon, who is now in a coma, which is roughly where he put the country, too. Ehud is hell-bent on repeating all of his mistakes.

Likud:Binyamin "Bibi" Netanyahu . Bibi proved himself incompetent as a prime minister already, although competent as foreign minister and finance minister - the latter depending upon whom you ask. He is a total autocrat. The saving grace is his party. All of the major scum left for Kadima, and the remainder were thrown out, leaving a fresh set of faces who are still uncorrupted (yet).

Labor:Amir Peretz . Amir was until very recently the head of the national union, one of the most corrupt and disastrous workers unions on the face of the earth. It has paralyzed the nation several times each year for fifty or more years, ensuring that people who have no competence remain in power and paid highly. Now he is running on a platform aimed at destroying the economy of Israel. The rest of the party still refuses to believe that the Arabs really, deep-down in their hearts, mean us any harm.

Meretz:Yossi Beilin . The radical left, whose idea of response to terrorists is to give up everything, then hold negotiations, and then plead for mercy.

The Arab parties . Who literally run on a platform of dissolving the state of Israel.

National Union/NRP:Benny Alon . Who run on the platform that all Arabs should be killed or thrown out of the country. While the NRP's platform is slightly better, they have proven themselves to be entirely ineffectual or corrupt whenever given any power.

Yisrael Beiteinu:Avigdor Lieberman . The Russian version of the radical right wing, with no plan except to give more money to the Russian immigrants.

Shas:Eli Yishai . Who believe that the budget of Israel should go to religious sephardi Jews, and everyone else can go to hell, especially the non-religious.

UTJ: Who believe that the budget of Israel should go to religious Ashkenazi Jews, and everyone else can go to hell, especially the non-religious.

That's about it. God save us.


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