Friday, March 24, 2006

Quick Post, and boring

Went to the Inaugural Convocation for Yeshiva University last night with Rachel, mostly because Malke Bina and Rabbi Shlomo Riskin were two of the four people receiving honorary degrees.

Malke Bina is, among other things, the founder of Matan, the foremost place for women's serious torah learning, and one of the places with which Rachel is associated. Highly recommended.

Rabbi Riskin is associated with many many places, including the Ohr Torah Stone learning centers, the village of Efrat, and the Lincoln Square synagogue in New York City. All highly recommended, of course.

It was dull, of course, but quicker than I expected, and followed by light refreshments.

Rachel and I are are still coughing from our sickness, and someone handed me a candy to try and keep me quiet.

Off to see my parents in Beit Shemesh this shabbat. They only play bridge and rummy. I need to check my new games to see if I've bought anything recently that might appeal to them.

Shabbat shalom,

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