Monday, March 13, 2006

My Next Gone Gaming Article

Which will be here, tomorrow, kind of wrote itself. Sometimes it's a meme floating in the blogosphere, sometimes it is just something that clicks together.

In the meantime, today in my new company, we saw a presentation made by my old company, about a software product that they (my old company) sell. It was a coincidence that we happened to be looking for just that type of software. Funny, that I was working in the old company for almost two years and never saw that software product until I went online in my new company to search for a product that might suit our needs. And found them.

Today was also the Fast of Esther which occurs before Purim. I couldn't fast, owing to being sick (one is not supposed to fast on a "minor" fast such as this one when one is sick). Now I'm off to the hospital to see my greekobibliophiliac wife.

I will be alone tonight. If you want to play a game via Skype, let me know. Yinsh, maybe?


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