Monday, March 13, 2006

Rachel Update

Well, I'm still sick. How long does a cold last?

Monday morning, and no change in Rachel's condition.

Rachel says that she still feels perfectly fine, but the doctors say that she definitely has a gall bladder infection. It may have to be removed; surgery for that would be scheduled for a later time. In the meantime, I'm not sure how much longer she will remain in the hospital.

By a startling coincidence, my father is going in to the same hospital today for his final course in chemotherapy. We're considering renaming the hospital after us.

Recapping, Sunday morning I went to the hospital with some of Rachel's stuff and picked up Ariella and brought her home. I did some work at home. Later I took Tal and Eitan to the hospital and we all came back. Eitan was on his way to a "ball" at school. Eitan is the metalhead, so to see him dressed in a suit-jacket is an amusing thing. Even his girlfriend couldn't get him to dance, however.

Tal and I went shopping for food to make and handout on Purim (one of the customs of Purim is to hand out food to other people - a nicer custom than trick-or-treating I think).

This morning I brought Rachel more of her things. What is she doing in the hospital? Studying ancient Greek, compiling biblical sources, writing chapters of her dissertation.



Rick said...

Luckily gall bladder removal is now a simple and non-intrusive procedure. Laparoscopic cholestectomy will allow Rachel to head home just a day or two after she has the operation.

gamesgrandpa said...

I wish ALL of your family quick and complete recoveries and good health following. It is no fun to be sick, with anything.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Thanks, guys. It looks like she's doing ok, and hopefully my father is too.