Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Rachel going home

Rachel was given a clean bill of health and is going home. At least, I think it's a clean bill of health. It might be only a temporary clean bill of health. Whatever.

No one offered to Skype for games last night, which is fine because I ended up going to bed early, anyway. I'm feeling better today, even if I'm not sounding better.

Today is Purim, but tonight and tomorrow is Shushan Purim. Residents of Jerusalem and other certain cities are supposed to celebrate Shushan Purim and not Purim. That includes me. When Rachel gets home, she will begin assembling some of the plates of food that we will be handing out to our friends tomorrow. I will be making the potato kugels to go with them, tonight.

No games for three days. Sigh. Maybe tonight.


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