Monday, August 11, 2008

2 Games of Puerto Rico

The set:

Assembly Line 1/1: You may add an additional colonist to each production building.

Small Fashion District 2/1: Sell indigo at +2.


Small Warehouse

Irrigation 4/2: Take an extra barrel when producing.

Commodity Exporters 5/2: +1 VP when shipping indigo or sugar

Inheritance 5/2: Take a manned plantation when buying corresponding production building

Discretionary Hold 6/2: a) store up to three barrels, b) place any one barrel onto a full ship for 1 VP

Super Market 7/3: Trade at +3

Large Business 8/3: a) -1 to build, b) +1 VP for first shipment during Captain

Large General Workhouse (2 circles) 8/3: Produce any goods with corresponding plantations


various big buildings


Irrigation, Inheritance, and Super Market are not our usual buildings. In addition, we've already decided that Commodity Exporters is rather strong in two or three player. But it's not overpowering, and I don't have better buildings for 5 spot.

Rachel bought CE both games, and lost both games, so there you go.

I won the first game 60 to 57. Rachel started. She took Commodity Exporters, while I took Irrigation and Discretionary Hold. Irrigation is enough of a balance to CE a long as only one boat has either indigo or sugar, which I ensured it did. I out-shipped her 30 to 22.

I won the second game 65 to 49. She started again, and again took CE. This time I took Super Market, which turned out to be a BOMB building in two player. I could sell corn for 4 doubloons. I got Large Business and a quarry, and easily out-built her. She out-shipped me by 5 points.

First Turn in 2 Player

First turn in 2 player is tricky. If player 1 starts with quarry, player 2 taking Builder only gives player 1 a manned indigo. If player 2 takes Mayor, player 1 uses his manned quarry.

If player 1 starts with Builder/Sm Indigo, player 2 may take Mayor to prevent the manned indigo, giving player 1 Settler/quarry anyway. It's in any case much easier for player 1 to skip the opening Settler/quarry if there's a corn (better yet, two corns) in the opening plantations.

Haven't yet figure out best practices here.

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