Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Posting Session Reports

They're cracking down on session reports on BGG. I just submitted a few dozen session reports from the last few months and only two were accepted. And I don't even submit the really teeny ones. Still, they were all deemed to be too short.

Once upon a time the session reports were for recording your sessions. Now they're only accepted if they are worthy of being considered a contribution to the greater good. I guess the criteria is "what others will benefit from", and not "what you want to remember". That grew out of the geek gold reward which you get for submitting session reports. I don't submit them for the geek gold, but that's the system.

I played Scrabble with Rachel last night. It as fairly close, but I pulled ahead in mid-game and then the game dragged on. We both ended at around 300 points.

Here's an interesting article by Adrian Paul Morgan on his blog, The Outer Hoard, on how people relate to the complexities of new games.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. I'm not used to being described with my full name (including "Paul"), though. My fault: where I come from people's middle names are almost never used (except on government forms etc) and I simply didn't think of the possibility that people living elsewhere wouldn't know this. -- Adrian.

Olav Müller said...

Well, I guess that's where the comments in the improved "Play Records" come in handy.

Yehuda said...

Adrian: I got it from your About Me page.


Greg W said...

Perhaps the expectations on the Geek have changed now that you can post comments and the names and scores of players, as well as other info, when you record a play on a game page?

Yehuda said...

Olav, Greg: Yes, I suppose I should be adapting to the new tools and expectations. I never got around to getting comfortable with the "games played" feature.