Monday, August 04, 2008

Board Game Blog World Roundup

New blogs since my previous roundup:
  • Big Remy's Board Game Blog - Big Remy, Chapel Hill, NC. 3 posts so far.
  • Game Sessions - Walterman. No further info. Game reactions.
  • Games For Educators - Mary Couzin (of the Chicago Toy & Game Fair) and Patrick Matthews (of Live Oak Games). Gaming from an educators perspective.
  • Game Shenanigans - Dan and Dave, no further info. Mostly electronic games, but some analog game material, as well.
  • Gaming With Chuck - Chuck Turnitsa, Newport News, VA. Minis and board games.
  • Science of Board Games - Christopher Swenson, a crypto scientist. Reviews.
  • Six Sided Rhinoceros - Steve Severino, Enola, PA. Board games and war games.
  • Skunked Again - Joe Gola, CT. Gola is a great writer. He had a previous blog which faded away, and he wrote for the now defunct Gone Gaming. He doesn't write often, but it's usually worth the wait.
  • The Information about Game - Ideas for mainstream play and games in various situations from a variety of writers. From something called VarietyBlogs.
  • Tree Weasel Weekly - Christopher Talyer-Davies, UK. I dropped him a while ago, but he seems to be back.
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