Monday, August 25, 2008

NbN Posts Blogger Participants List

You can now see the list of participants at the 2008 JBloggers conference here. And NbN's own pictures are here.



stone_ said...

Don't ask why, but I actually watched a bit of the webcast thing.

Gotta say I loved the, "The latest news is that the #1 game in the world, Puerto Rico, which you've never of, has been replaced by another game Agricola, which you've also never heard of."


I've actually been amusing myself with the Agricola solitaire software lately. I'm obsessing slightly.

Yehuda said...

I felt really stupid not being able to come up with something on video, and then that I had been smug and condescending with that line.


nadine said...

That's a great line. And not smug - it's a joke against gamers that gamers don't mind because it's an inside joke and true.