Thursday, August 21, 2008

2008 Jewish Bloggers Conference Pictures 1/2

Someone will have to help me id the people in these pictures.

Check in

me-ander, trying to get people to sign up to host the Kosher Food and Jewish Picture blog carnivals.

Baruch Gorden and ?

Rivka, of Coffee and Chemo

A press photographer

QuietusLeo on the right

The infamous Haaretz journalist who wrote that the conference was mostly featuring right-wing religious bloggers (he wasn't actually wrong).

Jacob Richman, of CJI

Israel Matzav

Gideon Ariel

The food

Yael of Oleh Girl in the back. Zemer from tzipiyah on the right.

ck of Jewlicious, anon, ?

Rafi Goldmeier

Ehav Ever of Hochmah and Musar

Rahel of Elms in the Yard. And the back of Gavi Zeitlin of Israelfix.

Mincha at the conference

David Bogner of Treppenwitz

First panelists: Israel Matzav, Treppenwitz, Jewlicious, Hirhurim, My Urban Kvetch


Jacob Richman said...

Nice Pictures.

I also added pictures online at:

Have a good night,

Rahel said...

Gee, Yehuda, that sure is a flattering shot of me.

Yehuda said...

Attention everyone: Rahel is very beautiful, and this picture was unflattering of her.


Rahel said...


Yeah, I do look decent when I'm not busy stuffing my face!

David Klein said...

I think the picture under Israel Matzav of the 1st post is Gideon Ariel (Likud activist in Manhigut Yehudit, Maale Adumim). I have no idea if he has a blog or not.

M said...

nice pictures. thanks for postng and identifying.

Picture 12: Young man on right with light blue kippa is Zemer from

Picture 16, young man whose back is seen in light blue shirt is Gavi Zeitlin, of

Trying to Fix the World said...

The person on the right in the 3rd picture (with the beard) is Baruch Gorden on Arutz Sheva.
And the only shot you got of me was my back?!
-Israel Fix

Jacob Da Jew said...

The dark-skinned guy with the black glasses and the goatee is Ehav Ever of

QuietusLeo said...

Picture number 6, the gentleman on the right is yours truely, QuietusLeo of The Sandman.

muse said...

Glad to see I was really there. From the pictures at my grandson's brit, I wasn't.

Also thanks for helping to publicize the jblog carnivals.