Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weekend Gaming

Puerto Rico game with Nadine and Rachel. Standard replacement buildings.

I went third, but somehow Rachel pulled ahead in victory points early on. Nadine and I both were worried and got Factories before Rachel could. I also got a coffee monopoly, but fairly late (traded twice, shipped once near the end of the game).

Skip forward to the last round of the game, Rachel is shipping more than us, but Nadine and I are looking at getting our second big buildings each. Unfortunately, we can't prevent Rachel from getting one, too. But then we see that Nadine can end the game with one more building, preventing any more shipping.

I encourage her to do it, and she does. None of the last three big buildings bought get filled by Rachel's choice. Game ends with Nadine and I tied at 41 points each, both with two barrels on our board. Rachel has 37. Another game where slight changes in the play on the last two rounds would have swung the game. If Nadine hadn't filled in her last building spot, she and Rachel would have gotten more shipping points; Rachel would have gotten more than Nadine, but Nadine would have won anyway because she would have gotten more than me.

That's Puerto Rico for you.

An article in the Jerusalem Post about the guy who runs the Jerusalem Chess club.


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Nadine said...

I'm not sure that Rachel wouldn't have gotten 4 more shipping points than me, I wasn't producing so much, but maybe not.