Saturday, November 05, 2005

BGG.con: Friday, Nov 04

Part 1 ...

Not much to say about today, since it is almost shabbat and I am already back in my friend's house.

I actually made the bus today, getting to the con about 10:30 am. I greeted Chris Brooks again at the Sunriver booth and I saw him introducing someone to Havoc so I joined for a three player game. Still a good game. Not much to say, except I made my first game purchase of the con by buying Havoc. Scores: Yehuda 29, Chris 22, Ava 17.

A little schmoozing around and I managed to play Power Grid, another game high on the hit list. It was good, and I came in last place, which is excellent. Games that I lose in are the best ones to buy, since they will keep me happy for a long time. We played with all six provinces, even though the rules said to play with only five, since it looked tight enough as is.

I played with Chris Trimmer, Bill, Mark, Will, and Marshall. We played on the new French map (didn't make a difference to me, of course). Chris scored the big coup on this map building in Paris, which has three cities with no tariffs between them, and surrounded by lots of other close cities.

Chris ended in first on the money tie breaker, with Marshall second place. I was last, also on a tie breaker. Mark played almost the entire game without buying a single unit of fuel, since all of his plants were wind or fusion. I played the game with the only garbage plant for most of the game, and an early nuke for several rounds.

After Power Grid, I played 1.5 games of Backgammon, but time was just winding down for me and I couldn't really start anything else. I sold my Traumfabrik CD to Derk; the rest of the game is still for sale or trade, along with my other games (Battle Cry, Arab Israeli Wars, David and Goliath, Top Dogs, and a bunch of Magic cards).

I really feel like I'm missing out on a whole lot by not being there for most of today and tomorrow. Sigh. Still willing to entertain visitors in my friend's house tomorrow afternoon - 5806 Willow Lane. Otherwise, I'll be back tomorrow night at about 8:00 pm.

2. Shabbat

Friday night and I have con withdrawal. Well, you do what you got to do.

After dinner, my friend's daughter insisted that we play my game three times in a row, and would have been a fourth except David and I were tired of it by then. So we played 3-way Chinese Checkers, which I managed to lose, somehow, even though I thought I was pretty good at it.



Naturelich said...

Thanks for blogging from BGG.con.

It's real real fun to read your posts.

Keep up the great work!

Dwayne "aka okiedokie" said...

How much are you wanting to sell Traumfabrik for? I have a couple of friends down there that might be able to pick it up for me.

Yehuda said...

naturelich: thanks.

dwayne: sorry for the delay. I sold it.