Thursday, November 10, 2005

BGG.con: Wednesday, Nov 09

Today my plan was to spend the day in nature. Apparently, close by is a lovely park called Flat Rock Brook, which, while not the Appalachian Trail, looked good enough for my purposes. Unfortunately, the weather decided not to agree with me. While not exactly pouring, the day was cold and threatening rain with dark clouds overhead.

In any case, I had one more important task to do before going out: mail my prototype to a few other game companies. To do that, I had to cut a few more copies, print more rules and bring them to a post office. This is without a car, and the nearest post office is a few miles up.

I got to the post office by 1:00 and then discovered that I had forgotten my directions to the park, which I knew was vaguely in some other direction. And, of course, no one else knew what park I was talking about. Luckily for me, I also vaguely knew that the road I was on eventually passed through the Jewish stores of Teaneck, so I continued on for a while. Eventually I hit an amazing used bookstore and some more kosher food. I had brought food with me, but my one weakness is good eating. I kind of bleed money around food. Really, I am too poor to afford this, and I will be sorry about it when I get back to Israel. Actually, I was sorry about it soon after ordering the food.

It's not that the food was bad. It was a $5.50 takeout Chinese lunch: sweet and sour chicken, white rice, and wonton soup. It's just that the rice was fried instead of white. And, um, even though I asked them if they had included a spoon to go with the food, they, um, hadn't. Which I found out only after walking another several blocks in a vain search for a nice place outside to sit and eat. Seriously, why is the universe withholding spoons from me? Why did I elect to eat outside in the cold on the ground instead of inside the restaurant? Questions, questions. Anyway, I am now sick of fast food, and tomorrow I am eating only sandwiches, fresh fruit, and vegetables.

I eventually made it back home to discover that I had finally made contact with New York gamers and that we will be playing tomorrow evening in Neutral Ground. Yay!

I taught my game to one of the friends I'm staying with (the other one wasn't back from work) and she liked it a lot. Yay again.

The weather looks like partly cloudy and windy for tomorrow, and then sunny on Friday. Guess I'll try again one of those days.

Got an email from Live Oak Games, publishers of Siege Stones, that my entry just missed the top three for their design competition, but that it was a close toss up. Must be because I made up the entire game a few minutes before the deadline finished for submissions and I never got a chance to playtest it. It uses some similar mechanics to Kingdoms, but it has funky scoring, you get to move castles, and you select stones from either end of a line of stones or rearrange the queue of upcoming stones. Whatever. I think they will be publishing the rules online.

And lastly, I submitted my game to BGG for inclusion in the database, with myself as both designer and publisher. Yikes. Let's see if it shows up. Note to self: REALLY have to start working on another game.


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