Wednesday, November 02, 2005

JSGC October Games Played

We hosted a Games Day on Sukkot which drew twenty people. Otherwise, the game sessions were erratic owing to the timing of the holidays. Games played represent only games at the club, and not those I played personally.

Amun Re x 2 - The game that nobody dislikes. (as opposed to other games some of us like more, but others dislike)

Boggle x 3 - used as a filler.

Bridge x 6 - used as a filler.

Cities and Knights of Catan - Those of use who didn't play only this for a year straight still enjoy it. Usually more unbalanced than vanilla Settlers.

Cribbage - used as a filler.

Dvonn - used as a filler. I think it is a great game, and I am happy to play this for some time to come.

El Grande - meat and potatoes. Always takes about four hours with our group. Still lots of fun.

For Sale - used as a filler.

Go x 5 - we play on a 9x9 board. Sometimes this is done as a filler; in other cases it is requested specifically.

Louis XIV - meat and potatoes. A very nice game, although a little rough around certain edges: overpowered cards, strange scoring mechanism and uninteresting luck mechanic at the end of the game. Otherwise, a solid area control game.

My Game Prototype #1 x 2 - brought to Dallas to spread the word.

Princes of Florence - meat and potatoes. Great game.

Pueto Rico x 2 - Ditto.

San Juan - short game, sometimes used as a filler. Still fun, but, barring any expansion sets, not much left to explore strategy-wise from what I can see.

Settlers of Catan x 2 - meat and potatoes, especially for new players. Still enjoyable for experienced players if the burn-out has worn off.

Some kids card game - passable filler.

Taj Mahal x 2 - meat and potatoes. A little problem with runaway winners, but skilled opponents should not let such a thing happen. Great game.

Tigris and Euphrates - meat and potatoes. Great game.

Traders of Genoa - Only way to play this in our group is to cut out two rounds, and then eliminate letting someone shorten the game by purposely placing in the market. Still took three hours for four players. Fun game though, if you like that sort of thing.


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