Sunday, November 27, 2005

Some specialty classes for d20 that I created long ago ...

Computer Technician

Requirements -
Alignment: any chaotic
Knowledge(arcana): 5 ranks
Feat: Create Arms and Armor
Spells: can cast permanency

BAB and saving throws increase like Loremaster
Level Special

1 Upgrade Weapon 1.0, Incomprehensible Languages
2 Patch Weapon 1.1
3 Upgrade Weapon 2.0, Patch Weapon 1.2
4 Patch Weapon 2.1, Disrupt Communication
5 Upgrade Weapon 3.0, Patch Weapon 2.2
6 Patch Weapon 3.1
7 Upgrade Weapon 4.0, Patch Weapon 3.2, Sunspots
8 Patch Weapon 4.1
9 Upgrade Weapon 5.0, Patch Weapon 4.2
10 Patch Weapon 5.1, Antimagic Field

Class Skills: see Loremaster

Class Features:

Upgrade Weapon: For half of the normal creation cost, a Computer
Technician can enchant a weapon, giving it a magical plus equal to the
version of upgrade being used, e.g. Upgrade Weapon 1.0 can give a +1
bonus, Upgrade 2.0 a +2 bonus, etc... The cost of upgrading a +1
weapon to a +2 enchantment using Upgrade 2.0 is one quarter that of
upgrading straight to +2 from a normal weapon.

The upgrades, due to their lower cost, come with 3-6 (d4+2) drawbacks
from the following list:

1 - The new weapon is one size larger. You'll need to buy a new
2 - After every 2-20 rounds of combat, the new weapon will freeze up.
It becomes impossible to swing unless it is returned to its sheathe
and redrawn.
3 - The weapon's magical enchantment has 50 charges, after which it
ceases to function, even if you didn't do anything different this
4 - The wielder loses proficiency in the new weapon, because it
doesn't function or feel exactly like the old one.
5 - One use of the weapon's functions ceases to work, e.g. a sword can
poke, but not slash, or a hammer can pound spikes, but can't bash
6 - The weapon now takes a full action to draw. This effect cancels,
and is cancelled out by, the Quick Draw feat.
7 - You need to change one of the following in order to use the
weapon: armor, gauntlets, backpack, spells on your spell list,
familiar, companions, etc... (DM's decision)
8 - The wielder's intelligence is lowered to 5 every time he draws the
weapon, and he cannot wield it until he asks the Computer Technician
how to use it again. This takes a full round action.

Patch Weapon: For an additional 1/10 the cost of the upgrade, a patch
can be applied to a N.0 Weapon Upgrade. N.1 patches can only be
applied to N.0 weapons, and N.2 patches to N.1 weapons. Applying an
N.1 patch removes all of the drawbacks from the enchanted weapon, but
causes a new drawback that was not previously on that weapon to appear
(roll randomly). N.2 patches have a 90% chance to remove all

Note - A Computer Technician cannot cast any Upgrade Weapon or Patch
Weapon that is 2 ranks below his maximum capability. E.g. A Computer
Technician of level 9 no longer cast Upgrade Weapon 1.0 or 2.0, or
Patches 1.1, 1.2 or 2.1 .

Note: applying a patch to a weapon takes a day, as the Computer
Technician goes through each piece of the wielder's belongings trying
to find the problem.

Incomprehensible Languages: this causes all beings in a 30 foot radius
of the caster to be unable to understand what anyone else is saying.
It negates Command and Suggestion spells, etc.. that rely on another
person being able to understand the spellcaster. It counters and is
countered by Comprehend Languages. It is countered by Tongues. This
can be cast 3 times per day.

Disrupt Communication: All spells in a medium range around the
Computer Technician that involve communication of any sort, such as
Speak to Plants, Telepathy, etc... cannot function. This can be cast
once per day.

Sunspots: five times per month the Computer Technician can disrupt
spells and spell like effects within a 100 feet of him. Every spell
attempted has an addiitonal 20% chance of failure.

Anti-magic field: Once per month, a Computer Technician can cast
AntiMagic Shell, as the spell.

Tax Collector

Requirements -
Alignment: chaotic neutral or evil
Decipher Script: 6 ranks
Disguise: 8 ranks
Pick Pocket: 10 ranks
Cast: Locate Object

BAB and saving throws increase like Loremaster

Level Special
1 Greater Appraise, Cause Fear
2 Tax 10%
3 Detect Metals and Minerals
4 Tax 20%, Scare
5 Find Riches
6 Tax 30%
7 Repel Creatures
8 Tax 40%
9 Use tax
10 Tax 50%, Death Tax

Class Skills: use your imagination

Class Features:

Greater Appraise: The Tax Collector gains a +1/level class bonus on
Appraise checks

Cause Fear: 1/day as spell

Tax: Once per day, a Tax Collector can make a range touch attack at
short range. If he succeeds, a percentage of the victims personal
riches and belongings are immediately transferred to the Tax
Collector, who knows where they are (but not necessarily how to use
them). The victim may make a Will saving throw for half "damage". A
victim can only be hit once per year by the same Tax Collector.

Detect Metals and Minerals: 3 times per day as the Rod of Metal and
Mineral Detection

Scare: as the spell

Find Riches: once per week, the Tax Collector can identify the richest
person in a 100 mile radius (excluding himself), and proceed as if a
locate the path spell has been cast on him.

Repel Creatures: once per day as a gaze attack, all creatures must
make a will save or drop everything and run for 10 minutes per level
of the caster

Use Tax: Once per month, a Tax Collector can declare a Feat, Spell or
Class Skill as taxable. Any use of this activity within 100 miles of
the caster causes a Will saving throw. If the saving throw fails, 1%
of the user's assets, or 10 g.p. whichever is less, is transferred to
the Tax Collectors bank account, immediately.

Death Tax: Once per month a Tax Collector can levee this unholy blight
on an individual that he has previously taxed.The Death Tax geives an
addiitonal saving throw, at +4 if the victim made his previous saving
throw. If the individual fails, upon his death 50% of his possessions
over 100 g.p. are automatically transferred to the Tax Collector.


Alignment: has none (whoever's winning)
Bluff: 10 ranks
Diplomacy: 8 ranks
Escape Artist: 5 ranks
Pick Pocket: 3 ranks
Knowledge(law): 5 ranks
Feats: Dodge
Class levels: 10 total

A Politician continues to gain levels and level benefits in another
class, while gaining levels as a Politician. An additional 10% penalty
amount of experience is required to gain level as a Politician

Level Special
1 Sleep (1/day), Inspire 1/day, Level Exptension
2 Charm Person (3/day)
3 Confusion (1/day), Inspire 2/day
4 Undetectable Lie (at will)
5 Shift Responsibility, Inspire 3/day
6 Alignment Deception
7 Suggestion (1/day), Inspire 4/day
8 Mass Charm Person (1/day)
9 Greater Inspire 1/week, Inspire 5/day
10 Mass Suggestion (1/week), Greater Inspire 3/week

Shift Responsibility: Once per day, but no mor ethan 3 times per
month, a politician can decieve up to 2 time his level number of HD
creatures that an action he has just taken was performed by someone
else. Will ST.

Alignment Deception: Once per week, a Politician can convince up to 2
times his level number of HD that an action he suggests is of any
alignment he chooses, e.g. that murdering an orphan is really a lawful
good act. A will saving throw is permitted.

Inspire: like a Bard, he can give a +1 morale bonus for attacks and
savinng throws while he is talking and for 5 rounds thereafter.

Greater Inspire: like inspire, but a +2 bonus

Level Extension: A Politician is limited to first level until he casts
a level extension. When he wants to raise level, he writes the spell
down and keeps it for safekeeping. He must write it himself. If it is
destroyed, he cannot raise level until he writes a new one.


Iain said...

Shouldn't a tax collector be lawful? That's what they rely on after all.

Yehuda said...

I guess it depends on the point of view of the character within the world. A classic tax collector, after all, passes on what s/he gets to the government.


Jeff Coon said...

That's interesting. I wouldn't have pegged you as an RPG'er, and certainly not a d20 fan. People are surprising creatures.

Yehuda said...

I haven't played for a few years. Actually, I can't stand the d20 system. That's why I stopped playing. If I ever roleplayed again, and I would love to, it would be with something more interesting, like Children of Fire or somesuch.