Monday, November 21, 2005


Status of my game prototype #1: In the hands of one publisher who is supposedly serious about it. Mailed to three other publishers who had requested copies. Considering mailing to a fifth who also requested a copy. No replies from said publishers since con.

Entry on BGG with 7 ratings and a review. Ratings are all 7's, except for one 5 saying that it needs better components (can't argue with that) and one 8. 12 copies sold. Some good reviews on other blogs.

Status of my other game prototypes: Various variants (not prototypes) doing fine. A game being worked on to launch on Gone Gaming. An entry to Siege Stones placed 4th. Entries to other contests unremarkable. Various prototypes in various stages of development - not enough time to work on them. Must make time.

Blog readership - dropped (along with ego). Lots of people read my blog around the time of BGG.con but it seems to have dropped to about normal again. How can I really track blog readership, anyway? The only think I know is how many people have hit the site (barring caching) and how many are subscribed through bloglines. Would be nice to know how to track RSS feeding.

Game group - steady and doing fine. Still room to grow.

Life's objectives: Murky. Progress still unremarkable.


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