Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Havoc (in many senses)

Two player Havoc with my daughter. It plays well, though certainly not as tensely as with more than two. My box came only with three "poker hand chart" cards, one on the back of a "setup" card and two on the back of "turn summary" cards. Shouldn't there be six of these? Three are not enough when six people are playing.

Speaking of havoc, the idiots of telecommunication in Israel are trying to bully the ISPs to block all VOiP traffic because of loss of income to the telecommunication companies, i.e. Bezeq and their ilk. How many industries now exist that provide absolutely nothing to the world and continue to exist solely due to legal and governmental action to prop them up? Phone service. Music distribution. Printing. Newspapers. The list continues. Soon we will be a world of people who do nothing but sue each other all day.

And, as usual, if the idiots that be actually embraced the technology and changed to merge it into their business, they would be able to profit from it. Instead they harm themselves, as well as every consumer. Because the Internet views censorship as damage and routes around it.



Rick said...

I was with you until printing and newspapers. Without printing, how are we going to get these nice cards and boards and tiles? And I do like my books too. Newspapers are part of the 'printing' discussion, of course, and I still like to be able to hold and fold and take my news into the john in the morning...

Yehuda said...

I exaggerated in this case. I only mean that these businesses face drastic reduction in their core business due to innovations in the tech industry. People just don't need what they offer at any level like they used to. The businesses can choose to adapt and change, making use of the new industry to expand into new markets with new products, or they can choose to make their business fighting technology with laws to try to force people into buying what they don't need or want. A terrible businees model for both industry, goverment, and consumer.


Rick said...

Maybe, maybe not. Things are still shaking out, and the consumer himself is still sort of confused as to what he exactly wants. How many mobile media tech toys have actually seen a lot of real use since the cellphone? One, the iPod and other portable audio devices. The PSP made a splash, but it's still a niche device. The tablet PC is a bust. And I don't know if we'll ever prefer to read off a screen vs read a printed page. (I know I can't stand it.) As for businesses, after the disastrous AOL-Time Warner merger, and the dot com bust, everyone's going to be treading very carefully. The situation you mention may eventually come, but it's not here yet.