Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I have walked the damp morning air through the verdant gardens of Cornell
I have knocked my dizzy head against the insidious labs of freshman chemistry
I have argued with seminal professors at the forefront of their fields
I have debated the awesome questions of meaning and truth until sunrise

I have parsed verbs in the dead languages of antiquity
I have plotted vectors along the planes of non-Euclidean surfaces
I have interpreted the masters of literature: Hemingway, Shakespeare, Thoreau
I have entered music, dissected film, and understood modern art

For all of these, I have learned the greatness of our possibility
Understood the vast power we humans have to create
Stroll comfortably through a video store with a critical eye
Seeking the deep, the fiercely original, the intelligent, and the awakening mind

So ... why do I have this hankering to watch all of the Star Trek movies?



gamesgrandpa said...

Because ----- you probably thrive on variety, as I do. There's fun to be had in "low-brow" activities. Or, perhaps you see more depth within those scripts than most people do. Anyway, most folks who don't find some pleasure in "low-brow" entertainment are usually just plain dull. :-)

Coldfoot said...

They're comfort food for the mind. They're friends you can't forget.
They're fun.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

The question was rhetorical, but thanks! :-)