Sunday, May 28, 2006

As Long As We're Linking 10

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In this post I list the game blogs that have come to my attention since the last posting. For a blog to be included, it must be updated with reasonable frequency, be available by RSS, and post content of general interest.

Spotlight on games: I already have a feed for Rick's site Spotlight On Games!, but here are a few others all from this site:

1001 Military Nights of Gaming
1001 Nights of Gaming
Spotlight on Games: Random Musings

attacks of opportunity: Tony, Phil, John Harper, Matt Wilson, JudaicDiablo, milo, and RogerT. Seattle game designers. RPG based, but the design topics are of general interest.

The Dread Gobinomicon: Gobi, from Norman, OK. Discusses quite freely his ongoing designs.

Into The Gamescape: Mike, Paul, and Si from the UK share board game reviews, session reports, and a podcast.

Lost Garden: Danc, Redmond, Washington. Game design.

Musings and Mental Meanderings: Thomas "Smerf" Robertson, somewhere in America. More on game design.

Playing board games: Sanjay Subrahmanyan from Chennai, India. A board games site from a BGGer.

strange games: Montegue Blister, location unknown. Trying to collate strange party games.


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