Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Go in Israel

Since I'm on the topic of Go, here's a little more about Go, as well as Go in Israel:

Go is considered one of the four arts of the Chinese scholar, which also includes the musical instrument Gǔqín (an ancient instrument, similar to a mandolin), calligraphy, and painting. If you saw the recent movie Hero, a very beautiful film, you would have seen all of these in use.

John Nash is alleged to have invented the game of Hex as a response to the game of Go.

Sensei lists a series of Go proverbs. Sensei is a pretty large place to get you started on Go terms and strategy. There are many others, as well.

In Israel, there is a national Go club called "Go Mind". Its putative link is here, but its real link appears to be here. Click on the English icon on the top left for more info, although the information in English is incomplete.

If you are in Jerusalem, the contact info is:

Jerusalem Go Club
Meetings: Every First Tuesday of the month, from 19.30+ Cafe Rimon, middle of Lunz Street, a pedestrian link between Ben-Yehuda and Yaffo. (City Centre).
Contact person: Uli (Sam) Freed, 054-4925747

Helena King of "The Educational Centre for Games in Israel", whom I mentioned once before, just held a Go meeting in Tel Aviv. She writes:

The Go Tournament on Yom HaAtzmaut in our centre was a great success. 49 young people from the ages of 8 to 18 took part in the tournament and got points of international standing. There was also a sadna for those who are still learning. Needless to say there were parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters. They came from as far away as Beer Sheva and Haifa. The atmosphere was relaxed and happy and the participants look forward to the next tournament which will be on Lag B'Omer.(Not in our place.)

Helen's email is boardgames.ecgi at gmail.

Meanwhile, I'm still up for a game of Go any week at our game club.


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