Tuesday, May 02, 2006

March and April Gaming at the JSGC

It seems I forgot to sum up March, so here it is combined with April. As usual, this list includes only games played at the club, not those that I played personally. Information about all of these games can be found at BoardGameGeek.

AD&D 2nd edition - By request of my players, I volunteered to be the DM, and then threw them into a harsh bitter world with no resources, and no memory. After getting imprisoned, they lost more than half the party trying in their escape. We shall see what happens next.

Age of Steam - I love this game, although it is longer than we can typically manage in a game night.

Aladdin's Dragons - This was a cute blind bidding game, but a bit over the top as far as fiddly. I'm willing to play again.

Amun Re x 2 - A standby for the group, although not my favorite.

Anagrams - I love this game, but it is not for the group.

Apples 2 Apples - Played just to demonstrate it. It is not for gamers. Seems to amuse only non-gamers and teenagers.

Bridge x 9 - The great card game, most of the players in our group are still at a basic level. We occasionally play this as a filler.

Carcassonne: The Princess and the Dragon - Played by two kids on Games Day, I didn't see anything.

Clans - Another one that I haven't played yet. Seems to be a very quick game.

Cribbage - As a filler, and can even be played with someone who is playing something else at the same time.

Davinci Code - Another one I didn't play.

Dvonn - Not played enough. Not as accessible as Yinsh, but a very nice game once you get past the learning curve.

El Grande - A staple game, a bit on the long side.

Geschenkt x 2 - A staple filler.

Go x 2 - Definitely not played enough. When it is played, it is still played on the 9x9 board, although I'm thinking of moving up to the 11x11 board soon.

Goldland - Another one I didn't play.

Havoc - A staple medium length game. It has the nice ability to be shortened if necessary, and it is easy to teach.

Lord of the Rings: the Confrontation x 8 - A staple short two-player game, it surprises me that this game is still enjoyable.

Louis XIV - A staple game.

Magic: The Gathering x 3 - I love this game, but it has a high learning curve, so I only play it when my friend David makes it to the group.

Maharaja - I think this is a nice game, but it suffers from an appallingly bad end-game due to its all or nothing victory condition. I am thinking about how to fix it.

Maneater x 2 - A very slight game that doesn't really work with more than two players, in my opinion.

Medina - A medium length game, it was ok, but not brilliant.

Menorah Game x 4 - A staple short to medium length 2-4 player filler.

Modern Art x 2 - A staple medium to main length game for 4-5 players. Very psychological. Fun.

Oh Hell - A filler game, probably won't be played much.

Power Grid x 5 - A staple main game, just on this side of being too long.

Primordial Soup - A staple main game, just on the other side of being too long. Also suffers from a runaway leader problem as the gap grows too wide.

Princes of Florence x 2 - A staple game. It still seems strange to me that a game this calm can be so good.

Puerto Rico x 2 - The one and only staple game. Played a little less frequently, only because we play it so much outside the group, too.

Railway Rivals - A short rail connection game.

Saint Petersburg - A deeply flawed game, fun only for one or two playings.

San Juan x 4 - A staple short to medium length game. Not that deep, really.

San Marco - A mid length game. I think its fun, but others think it is average.

Santiago - An excellent mid-length game. I only got to play this once, but I very much want to play again.

Santorini - A very short two player game, flawed with three players. I received a complimentary copy from the designer, and I owe him a full length review.

Set x 3 - A very short interruptible filler game.

Settlers of Catan - A staple game for new players.

Settlers of the Stone Age - Played on Games Day, I have no other information, but it looks to be about as complex as Starfarers.

Ticket to Ride - A slightly dull game for new players, in our group's opinion, but others apparently feel differently.

Tigris and Euphrates x 2 - I love this game, but only a few like it as much as I do in our group, while others think it is too complicated.

Twilight Imperium III - Looked interesting, but way too long for our group.

World of Warcraft - Looked interesting, but way too long for our group.

Yinsh x 3 - A staple two-player filler.


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gnome said...

Since you -still- enjoy ADD let me suggest HackMaster. You'll love it Yehuda.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

I was trying to avoid having to learn anything new. Also, I was trying to avoid complicated combat rules as much as possible.

I may like Hackmaster, but it doesn't sound right for this campaign.